Musical & Cultural Exchange Program for the Youth (Santa Fe, Playa, Cuba)

I am very proud to announce that I will be working with La Casa de Cultura en Santa Fe, Playa on a year long community music program for the youth centering music and art. I will teaching for piano and voice.

I am extremely blessed and honored to be able learn and create with children/youth around art. More importantly, I am very excited to help build up an important community space and provide a safe place for youth to discover their voice and self through arts. Additionally, being able to bring a new piano and other supplies for different art disciplines for La Casa is essential to the overall growth and progress of the creative vitality of the community and Cuba.

I do need help. I am not getting paid a salary for this job (or at all). I am doing this as volunteer because I want to and there is a serious need for this. But to provide effective and sustainable space, I need help investing in the supplies and materials needed. I am asking for donations if anyone happens to have these laying around the house in good condition: a 88-key piano, old piano books, charts, notebooks and pens. In the meantime I am crowdsourcing for these supplies amongst other things. Donate to our GoFund Me.

I am also looking for any possible non-profits, foundations, or small businesses that would like to help sponsor and/or donate to this year-long project. If you all know anyone, please connect us.

Additionally, with this position I will be able to officially invite artists to Santa Fe for cultural exchanges with the children and concerts for the community, If you’re interested in possibly coming and doing a workshop for los pollitos, let’s start planning what that may look like.

Thank you all so much for your generous support. Please share this effort within your networks and help invest in the lives, future, and creative passion of the youth of Santa Fe, Playa.

Sunset on 5tra in Santa Fe, Playa

Sunset on 5tra in Santa Fe, Playa