freedom is a feeling

i cannot beg you to want be free

it is a sensation that

once you feel it

you’ll always chase, run, and fight for it

i’m sorry,

but i cannot beg you to want to be free

have you ever tasted honey on your lips?

or a sweet thick nectar?

or that country time lemonade powder?

yea you know what i’m talking about

freedom feels the similar in a way

you’ll always crave and want-


have you ever fell in love?

the feelin that is felt when you share your most inner secrets with another being

nerve rackin and vulnerable

yet comfortin and soothin from the love you receive

that’s what freedom feels like to me.

it’s just a feeling she said.

freedom is just a feelin

but i cannot tell you what freedom is

and i cannot beg you to want to be free.



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inspired by Freedom Interlude x Noname

photography x Meriam Salem

photography x Meriam Salem