a heaux prayer


There’s just something about you

Where i continuously want to fuck 

I want be more sensual tho,

More intimate. 

i don’t wanna just cum on ya dick

i wanna be the honey,

the nectar that makes you do a little dance before you slide in the tip

i want my lips to be a home for your tongue 

and my spit will be your salvation like holy water

can i be the one to show you how divine femininity can be 

can you dispelled the myth that ”to nurture” isn’t apart of masculinity 

Fuck me raw 

and i don’t mean unprotected baby (cause that’s a no) 

i mean fuck the fear outta me 

Penetrate thru the walls life taught me to create 

When you slide that tool in,

try and reach for my heart,

make me feel again 

make me cry 

make me yearn 

make me scream in a way that frees my tongue 

make me cry so hard that even my ancestors understand

* * *

may your sex be more than pleasure 

May we share and create our most authentic moments of humanity 


May we heal a pain or mend a break that we forgot existed 

And may you always remember that i did it the best